Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I dont write much poetry, but I jotted this down in the early hours of this morning, dont know if its any good, tell me what you think:

Sit at the back of the class, hope they won’t notice me
Shit he just turned and smiled at me
Look in his eye says they got a plan for me.

I had it every day for a year now
I need a way out, and I know how
‘Cause you with me today to set ‘em straight
I’ve had enough my whole body’s full of hate.

Get out of school at 3.15 ‘n’ run for the door
I know they gunna catch me they always do
But this time one of ‘em’s gunna meet you.

He grabs my bag and pulls me back
I fall down but before I hit the floor I grab your hand so you can keep me safe.
Now its time for you to meet the enemy.

They looked shocked, they’re scared of you
They didn’t expect me to have a friend like you
Yeh I know I’m lucky that I do.

I’m holding you tight, thinking which one you should hurt first?
The fat one up front, he deserves it the worst
We get him in the chest ‘n’ he falls on his back
I wonder if his whole worlds turning black?

His friends have gone now, it’s just me you an him
When I got you I know that I’m bigger than him
And there’s no way that I ain’t gunna win

Now he’s down and he’s out for the count
You covered in his blood now you fucked him up

Shit, maybe we did him too badly
He looking up at me helplessly,
Bloods draining outta that hole in his chest
What have we done he might die from this
But they don’t know about you an’ me, we gotta run
Get the fuck outta her quickly

I remember the time I first met you
In my dads bottom draw
You were so sharp, so clean, so cool

First time I held your hand, man, I felt so good
Stood in the mirror holding you,
Just to check I looked good

Man you make me feel like a man
Carried you round at home, never told my old man

But yesterday they got me again
It hurt so bad but I knew you could deal with them

So today you came out with me
Time for revenge, time for them to see
That today no one can fuck with me

Now im sat in my room,
Is that guy we did still alive?
Part of me’s scared but the rest don’t care
What the fuck we gunna do if the police come?
Fuck ‘em…

We’re out,
Going on the run


Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome to my brand new blog, founded on 26th of the 9, 2006, a day that shall live in infamy and so on...

To set the tone, I live in the United Kingdom, so here are some wonderful facts about my wonderful country:

  • Where 60,209,500 people live
  • Where the average person is 38.8 years old. Which is higher than the life expectancy of Angola (36.6 years)
  • Where we produce 330 million tonnes of waste annually
  • Where more people live in London than in all of Scotland
  • Where the richest 1% of people control 23% of the wealth and the poorest 50% of people control just 5%.
  • Where 13.7% of children are obese and over 23 million adults are either overweight or obese
  • Where 4 out of every 5 women aged 21-25 spend more than their earnings each month
  • Where the average graduate will leave university with £13,252 of debt
  • Where we spend roughly £22,550,847,060 on our military each year (the 5th largest military budget in the world)
  • Where we spend over £69 billion (over triple our military budget) on the NHS which has a debt of £620 million (which is less than 0.9% of the NHS budget)
  • Where the average adult has a personal debt of £26,313 (including mortgages) and an annual income of about £25,170!
  • Where we employ universal suffrage but only 53% of people bother to vote in general elections
  • Where 192,850 people voted for the BNP in the 2005 election
  • Where there were 341 gun related deaths in 1994 and 163 deaths in 2003 a drop of over 100%
  • Where over 590 people each year are killed by drink driving (over 3 times as many as are killed by guns)
  • Where almost 12,000 people are homeless
  • Where our teenage pregnancy rate, cash machine usage, online spending, credit card debts, asthma rates, water residues, childcare costs and rail fares are the highest in Europe. With our infant mortality 2nd highest.
  • Where we have 21,400 Operational troops stationed abroad, with 8,300 in Northern Ireland and 300 on UN missions, the rest split between Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.